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Kalaimagal Matriculation School

The journey of Kalaimagal started its first step on June 5 2002. Dr. P. Selvaraj, the founder chairman took charge of Kalaimagal with the guidance of Dr. S. Babu to provide the rural surrounding with a dynamic high quality, well planned curriculum to meet the challenges of the Digital age. Education, Discipline and etiquette are the main aims of our school. The school has a very healthy atmosphere surrounded with green environment, well constructed pucca – storied building. Right from its first step the school has exhibited a rising carrier with win – win situation both in academics and co – curricular activities.


The school provides the students with knowledge, culture, building their character, spiritualism and shaping the individual development along with social efficiency. The school has a well established well, equipped science lab and provides the students an environment to quench their scientific thoughts and equip them in scientific achievements. Well equipped, aerated, neatly maintained library with various set of books covering various departments is being established in our school. Students make use of it and acquire a vast knowledge preparing themselves to represent themselves at various level.


Sports is the second eye of the school. The children are trained to participate not only in competitions; they are trained to face the success and failures in their regular life also. The students have registered their names in National level, State level, District level and even in the zonal level competition and even won the individual championships also.


Kalaimagal has always proved to be worthful and is keen in kindling the fire in the minds of children by focusing on various club activities with in the school. The school has English literary association, Tamil literary association, Social club, Science club to quench the literary thoughts of the students.


Kalaimagal students along with green garden concentrates to improve on the hand writing of the children taking into consideration the role of the handwriting in the child’s carrier.


Spoken English is given importance and speaking in English inside the campus in a must for the students. ILM Bangalore plays a major role in binding the students with very good fluency in their communication.


Co-Curricular activities like Karate, Band and Chess are being taught to students under the control of well trained masters. Competitions are held at regular intervals in and out of the school.

Montessori Method of play way teaching is introduced in our school and has shown a very good improvement in the learning skill of the students. The kids are given motherly care are keenly motivated.


The school is provided with well sophisticated Buses, Van, Mini Buses ensuring the safety of the students.