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Selvam Teacher Training Institute

DOTE Approved Staff List

Selvam Teacher Training Institute was established in the year 2004- 2005 by a trust in the name and style V. Ponnusamy Educational Charitable Trust, in tend memory of his beloved father (late) V. Ponnusamy. Realizing the felt need for quality education. Dr. P.Selvaraj a Veterinary Poultry Scientist created a number of Educational Institution. One among them is Teacher Education Institution. In the world of globalization self – interest becomes a goal of life and it is very difficult to find a selfless man like our Chairman Dr.P.Selvaraj. He takes genuine interest, not indulgence but caring. He is a democratic and not autocratic. He is a man of punctuality, integrity, honesty, courage, persistence, initiative, unselfish love for the people etc., He is considered to be a Gem of this Glittering Educational Institutions. He has been aptly given the title “Kongu Semmal” by the society. He is also considered as a pioneer in the field of poultry development. Owing to his enduring efforts he could make an indelible mark in the map of India, Namakkal as an “Egg City”. Mrs. Jayam Selvaraj Member of the trustee also helps him in all fields.

Selvam Teacher Training Institutes Secretary a brave, courageous and enthusiastic young women with full of IQ takes much interest to prop up the institute for making the college vibrant and responsive to the needs of the society.


Selvam Teacher Training Institute is an amazing place for students to continue their further studies after they are done with school. It is situated six kilometers away from Namakkal with total academic area will be 10 acres of land. It is different from other institutions that offer higher education in many ways. A student actually finishes off with an edge over the others, which is so important these days. Education is not about books and class rooms. A student can achieve and accomplish many goals because of the easy access
provided to a variety of facilities. The students are assured of the best results.
We have pacca lab facilities, seminar halls, auditorium and a very big play ground. A well furnished library with 5000 volumes of books, encyclopedia, journals, text books etc., has also been placed in our institution. Computer labs with 25 desk top computers, LCD’s, Over Head Projectors, Language labs etc., are some of the facilities in our Campus.

Academics, personality development, honing special skills or whatever the area of interest might be, the students get complete support from the faculty. It’s completely a new life for students stepping into this institute. New friends a lively entertainment, experienced faculty, renewed ambition and inspired goals are what every student can look forward. With students from different religious and social backgrounds coming together, mutual trust and sociability develops instantly and helps make their stay there. It is all about opportunity. The opportunity to make the best of friends, to meet interesting people from all over the old, to learn and grow under the guidance of the most respected academicians, to study in different universities abroad on exchange programmes to land the best of jobs and of course to have the best time of your life. Life here is highly productive.

Away from the hustle and bustle of city life, the ambience is calm, green and perfect for students. All the dreams, expectations and apprehensions faced by a fresh man are immediately embraced.

The clean and cosy hostel rooms, the helpful people and delicious mess food will surprise you and immediately make you at home. One of Selvam Teacher Training Institutes merits is diversity. The colleges offer well structured courses in almost many stream.


Selvam Teacher Training Institute started with various norms and standards prescribed by the NCTE Regulations with an intake of 50 students. Now it has made rapid strides in the field of education with an annual intake of 100 students which includes the existing of an additional intake of 50 with 11 faculty members duly approved by the Director DTERT, Chennai.

Subjects offered in this Course are Indian Educational System Facilitating and Enhancing Learning, Learning Child, Tamil Language Education, English Language Education, Maths Language Education, Science Language Education and Social Science Language Education Experienced and dedicated staff with full qualification have been sustained in our institute. Our Selvam Teacher Training students were sent to many schools in Namakkal District for Internship Training Programme for 48 days which is a part of the curriculum.

In the Government Diploma Teacher Education Examination held on October 2007, I year at Government Girls Higher Secondary School, Namakkal. Our students had secured 100% in Tamil, Science & Social Science A Gowri of Selvam T.T.I. has secured 407 out of 450 and stands first. In the Government Examination held on August 2008 D.Kanchana has secured 654 out of 750 who stands I and A.Gowril & P.Padmavathy has secured 650 and stands II. During 2007 – 08 M.Pushpa, P.Velvizhi of I Year students has secured 406/450 and stood first. During 2008 – 09 P.Velvizh of II Year scored 658/750 scored first and M.Pushpa scored 645/750 and stood II Our students also attained cent percentage of attendance & proved themselves to be an effective learner P. Gandhimani of Selvam II Year “B” Section has secured cent percent of attendance.


The quest for quality has been the characteristics of the entire history of human civilization. It has been the driving force behind all human endeavors. We Access Equity and Quality Dimensions to improve the quality of education.

Learning to Learn is an important strategy for study focuses on the relationship of Academic Anxiety and Achievement. Motivation with Academic Achievement with a holistic approach for quality education is essential to reflect upon the alternative initiatives in assessment and accreditation to bring about changes in education system from within and without. The body of

knowledge and teaching strategy need to be made skillful, dynamic and flexible to equip the learners with the ability to accept new challenges.

3P’s : (Patience, Purity and Perseverance) :
Patience, Purity and Perseverance are important factors for institutional development. Purity in Purpose, Patience in Action and strong Will Power enable us to raise the limit.


Teaching & Learning methodologies and innovation Practices: The following are the activities of our Training College this year. ABL and ALM are the new methods of teaching followed in schools. We have an orientation class on “Activity Based Learning Methodology”. Teachers also adopt innovative teaching practices like Quiz Programme, Seminar Presentation etc., in the class room to make more effective and cognitive.

Through our curriculum we aim to build a capacity for critical thinking and problem solving against students through an innovative approach to learning programme underpinned by inter cultural awareness, communal and holistic learning. The student teacher relationship is very special. The faculty member acts as a mentar and is in charge of the student’s welfare. The classroom environment is unique.


Sports & Games and cultural activities: Sports and Games have been conducted with high spirits.

Every year we celebrate Founders Day, Women’s Day, Annual Day etc., with the national festivals.

Special Events like Pongal, Deepavali etc., has also been celebrated for the enjoyment of the students.

The college fests are the most joyous time.


Education should aim at the all round development and we honesty believe that academic excellence above is not sufficient to make them acquire various skills and talents.

On 08.02.2007 Scout & Guide Camp has been conducted and the Chief Guest being the District Commissioner Mr.John Nicholson.

Apart from the extra curricular activities we conduct many programmes Like, Aids Awareness Programme by YRG Care Centre, Namakkal. Fire safety measures, etc., An Intensive Training Programme was arranged on 30.03.2009 to 01.04.2009 as you are aware of St.John’s Ambulance an International Organization which trained the students effectively and efficiently in Namakkal District by Mr.K.Rajaram which is considered as a life saving technique which has to be read, understood thought about and practiced before emergencies arise. Medical Check-up and Counseling Camp by Dr.G.Srinivasan, M.B.B.S., DO., Skin Specialist, Velayuthampalayam – Karur. Tree Plantation for the environment has also been conducted in our college campus.

In today tension life there should be peacefulness and calmness for that purpose, we give meditation and yoga practice for the students.

World Mother Tongue Day procession was held on 21st February 2009 which was organized by our District Collector Mr.U.Sagayam.

In the heading of “Thamizhum Inayamum” Tamil Lecturer from Pondichery gave a useful information to our students about the internet using in Tamil.


I am happy to report that our institution maintains generally good discipline in academic as well as non academic activities. However I do admit that there has been sporadic events revealing the adventurous practice minds of the adolescence having a tendency to cross certain accepted social values. We are encouraged by the response shown by the parents and the students in maintaining the discipline without succumbing to the myriad temptation.

The college radiates general sense of purpose and calmness. In general people seem to sense order and organization in our operations. Generally students and staffs seem happy. They enjoy each others company and support each other in their learning, teaching general development of their lives. Achievements and milestones are acknowledge and celebrated in a genuine spirit of joy. This atmosphere complemented by our spacious grounds and excellent facilities and coupled of satisfaction among parents.


Educational Tour plays a vital role on curriculum. “Traveling is a rich source of knowledge and pleasure” Bearing this in mind we arrange for a field trip.

Selvam Teacher Training Institute gives the Scholarship for the required persons.

Many buses ply in and around Namakkal for the betterment of the students.

Management also helps the required students those who are in need like food, clothing and look after their studies.


I am extremely happy to work as principal in this Magnanimous management and challenge to achieve the best up to their satisfactions and expectations. I hope that this college of Teacher Education would transform itself to be a source of enlightenment, inspiration and beacon of light.

To say to the guys
Lovingly, Humanly
You sow an action and reap a tendency
You sow a tendency and reap a habit
You sow a habit and reap a character
You sow a character and reach destiny

Thus destiny is in your hands and if you can change your habits you can be a successful leader. If there is unison between Thoughts, Words and Action we will achieve the institutional objectives.