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Selvamm Matriculation & Hr. Sec. School

Selvam Matric. Hr. Sec. School was founded by Dr. P. Selvaraj in the year 2001. The School aims to provide solid foundation in fundamental concepts that would enable them to prepare well for higher studies of their choice. From the first se we have been producing centum result in the Secondary and Senior Secondary Board Exams. To make learning process more interesting and enlightened we have introduced computer devices in learning and teaching which replaces monotonous classroom teaching. To materialize the same we have sophisticated computer lab which was well equipped with modern computer designed and installed by COMPUGEN a leading concern for software solution which is supplemented by well prepared study materials.

A specially designed room equipped with real and man made object specially meant for kids in the natural surroundings pave the way for nurtured and cherished learning. The activity room has been flooded with all sorts of play things for both intellectual and manual practice.

To make our teaching strategy suit the needs of the modern society we have taken concrete steps for the provision of Montessori teaching in the primary education. To implement this we have given Montessori training to our Kinder Garden Teachers.

To strengthen student’s skill in the art of communication we have installed language experts of Institute of Language Management of Banglore, Which will ensure good exposure of our students in their second language. The activities conducted by them helps the students to enhance their presentation skills and to gain confidence to speak in English in public.


Institute of Language Management (P), a Bangalore based organization, is implementing language skills to individuals, with special emphasis on communicative English. We have well equipped language lab to noble our students to get familiarized with proper accent and exact pronunciation of British and American English.


To cover the risk which we face in this risky world our management has introduced TATA – AIG general Insurance scheme granted by TATA – AIG, General Insurance Company. The benefit of this scheme is conferred on staff as well as students. The life time risk of trainers and trainees of our institution is fully covered by this insurance scheme against the monetary benefit.


Good Hand writing some time change the fate of any one. To ensure the same we are imparting intensive training to the students in hand writing by experts. Training is given to the students in script writing and cursive writing. Students are provided with printed materials for practice. It has made their expression elegant.


To create an awareness among our pupil about helping the society and to be helped by the society we have implemented in our campus. “Junior Red Cross” . The trainees are trained by trained masters to be self – reliant and self-disciplined citizen of INDIA.


We are imparting intensive training to the students in the band beating and bugle playing by a well experienced Band Master.


The school is provided with well sophisticated Buses, Van, Mini Buses ensuring the safety of the students.