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Board of Education

The BOE’s consist of selective representatives of different disciples of and head of the respective institutions in the Board. BOE meet once in a month to discuss about their strategies and implementation plan and communicate to the TEC. The Board Executive in each BOE is the convener of the meet and Director chairs the meetings.

Board of Technical Education (BOTE)

Technical education in the country has been a prime importance for social and economic development of the country. India by virtue of being suitable in global geographic position for Information Technology (IT) and availability of skilled labor in Engineering Technology (ET) India has been selected by global investors as technology development center. As a result IT and ET education in our country has been an object of high priority for the policy makers and Human Rights Commission. In the growing demand for quality educational institutions in the country the Conference of State Education Secretaries held on November 26-27, 1999 evolved consensus to facilitate greater participation of the non-governmental sector in education.

The engineering education in the country has seen a significant growth in the last decade and proved its potential in increasing employment opportunity in India and abroad contributing to the National GDP to a greater extent. In 1951 the total intake at engineering degree level programmes was 4778, which has now increased to about 4,00,000 in 2004.i.e.,a growth of over 80 times. This is also because of the bright school leavers, who turn toward engineering and technology education with high excitement and motivation. In India at present there are more than 800 engineering colleges most of them are expensive and poor in quality. On one hand there is increasing demand for technical man power on the other hand there is great loss of resource as result of production of poor quality graduates with technical degree with poor quality. Under this background, in continuation to the efforts of Dr. P. Selvaraj towards national educational development the present BOTE is constituted to cater the needs of the present and future citizens of the country.

The BTE follows the All India Council for Technical Education norms for all its rules and regulations. The Board directly manages the institutions under the board and involved in implementation of institutions activities. Board also identifies innovative courses and new institutions under the board for technical well being of the community. At present SELVAM COLLEGE OF TECHNOLOGY is the institution under this Board. The Board members are as follows

  • Board Executive, BOTE and Principal of Selvam College of Technology

  • Vice Principal, Selvam College of Technology

  • Administrative Officer, Selvam Educational Institutions

  • Head, Department of Computer Science, Selvam College of Technology

  • Head, Department of Information Technology, Selvam College of Technology

  • Head, Department of Electrical and Electronics, Selvam College of Technology

  • Head, Department of Electronics and Communication, Selvam College of Technology

  • Head, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Selvam College of Technology

  • Head, Department of Communication and Language, Selvam College of Technology

  • Head, Department of Physical Education, Selvam College of Technology

  • The Board of Arts and Science Education (BOASE)

Not all school children are able to get into professional education many of them have to take up non professional bachelors and masters degree. In today’s context 10+2 education is not even enough to fetch a clerical job where we need at least a bachelor’s degree. In this regard In India we have numerous Universities and Colleges catering the needs. However, even today many of the rural population lack in access to such Universities or Colleges on one hand on the other hand the quality of education is poor due to poor educational facilities like equipped class rooms, laboratories, libraries, healthier atmosphere for the students. Hence Chairman, Selvam Educational Institutions constituted this Board of Arts and Science Education not only to cater the needs of the above but also for advanced research as per the vision of our national Nobel Laureate Sir. C. V. Raman. Through this board Selvam Educational Institutions addresses various needs of Arts and Science Education for Indian and abroad jobs.

In this twentieth century there is growing demand for Computer Science, Microbiology, Biotechnology, Food Science and communication skills, imbibing this Arts and Science Board addresses this through its SELVAMM ARTS AND SCIENCE COLLEGE. BASE had identified various innovative courses for the school leaving children to face the future job market. The Board abide by the rules and regulation of University Grands Commission (UGC), Periyar University and others in specific cases. The board members of this board is as follows

Vice Principal & Head of the Department, Commerce Principal & Head of the Department, Languages Department of Computer Science Department of Chemistry Department of Business Management Department of Food Science Department of Biotechnology Department of Microbiology Department of Mathematics Department of Physics Department of Physical Education Department of Electronics.

Board of Physical and Teaching Education (BPTE)

Among the various skills sports and teaching skills have a special place in the social context. Very recently these two aspects have been given greater importance at national and international level, since this forms the basis of Education. According to Vision 2020 of Indian Government has a policy to open a school at each village and even at a hamlet level with an aim to create 100% access to education to Indian citizens. Addressing this Indian Government also had formed a separate department of National Council for Teacher Education (NCTE) and envisages an urgent need for numerous teachers and physical education teacher to fulfill the vision.

Learning teaching is a noble cause which not only helps one’s own development it also helps in the development of others. Teaching has three important components educating, enhancing knowledge and development of skill which results in productive individuals. Realizing this Dr. P. Selvaraj, Chairman, Selvam Educational Institutions, constituted this board and started three colleges SRI AMIRTHA COLLEGE OF EDUCATION, SELVAM COLLEGE OF PHYSICAL EDUCATION and SELVAM TEACHER TRAINING INSTITUTE catering the needs of the nation. The members of this board are as follows.

Board Executive, (BPTE) and Principal Sri Amirtha College of Education Selvam Teacher Training Institute Selvam College of Physical Education Department of Educational Technology Department of Biological Sciences Department of Chemistry Department of Physics Department of Psychology Department of Music and Arts Department of Computer Science

Board of School Education (BSE)

School education has been a prime importance for any citizen to avail social opportunities and develop individually. Literacy is the minimum right and requirement of any citizen. At present India have 300 million adult illiterates in the country with 70 % enrolment for primary education and 60 % enrolment for secondary education. The present literacy rate is only 68% where as India’s vision 2020 is to achieve 100% literacy in 2020, with an investment of GNP from 3.2 to 4.9. To achieve this ambitious program the social organizations needs to work hand in hand with the government.

In the light of the above as the Managing trustee and Chairman of Selvam Educational Institutions Dr. P. Selvarj had constituted this Board of School Education and started three schools in three different locations in Namakkal districts under both State Board and State Matriculation Board up to Higher Secondary level in Tamil and English mediums. The Board aims at imparting quality education through innovative teaching methodology. The Schools under this board are KALAI MAGAL MATRICULATION SCHOOL, SELVAM MATRICULATION HIGHER SECONDARY SCHOOL and SELVAM HIGHER SECONDARY SCHOOL. The Board members are as follows.

Board Executive and Coordinator, Board of School Education Kalaimagal Matriculation School Principal, Kalaimagal Matriculation School Selvam Matriculation Higher Secondary School Principal, Selvam Matriculation Higher Secondary School Selvam Higher Secondary School Principal, Selvam Higher Secondary School .